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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love Cookin Mini Recipe Album Tutorial

Hello Everyone, I wanted to share this tutorial with you. If you want to know more about the designer and other services, page kits or classes they may offer please visit their blog, store or web site. Enjoy!

Whew! this little project took FOREVER to get finished..But it was so much fun to make.. I'm gonna make me one as well.:LOL
The story behind the mini is, when Amber (daughter) moved away from home, her friends Sini started missing my cooking..LOL When they were younger, Sini always had Amber call home and ask what I was cooking for dinner and then when she spent the night, she always wanted me to make pancakes for breakfast..
I've tried to put all of Sini's favorite recipes in this little book that meaures 7.5" x 4"..
I actually made my very first video walking through this mini album.. I'll get that posted on youtube as soon as I figure all that out..LOL hope its blonde proof..LOL I will post it here once and if I get it up and running..dont' hold your breath though..LOL

OMG! I so got my VERY FIRST video up and running..

so anyway.. lets get to the pics shall we..:
Here is the front cover.. I cut old cereal box for the chipboard, My Minds Eye for the papers, some ribbon, spoon, heart, and fonts are all using my cricut expression. Flower I think is by Prima, not 100% sure, and a red brad..

on the left is a photo of my daughter (on the right) and her friend Sini. I added her favorite breakfast recipe Pancakes on the right side of the page. Hand cut the tags! recipe card I cut with my cricut.
the right side is a transperancy sheet.

this page I added another breakfast recipe on the left side "Eggs Benedict!" and then a pocket with a photo on the right side.. I love that funny little quote!

and then for some Pasta dishes.. Fettucine Alfredo is on the left side, I have a pull out recipe card there and another funny quote..
On the right side I added a Mac-N-Cheese recipe, also with a pull out hand made tag.
Then I added another one of her favorites, Patty Melts.. Once again on a pull out tag and then on the right side, I added a transparency sheet with her photo and a hand made tag, with yet another quote..
Flipping the page, you have another photo of her and a funny little quote on the left page and then my very famous pizza recipe on the right..LOL hope she gets lots of use out of that one.. practice makes perfect..
Oh! I made that pizza with several cuts using my cricut..
then onto the cookie pages..
Chocolate chip cookie recipe on the left page and added her photo to another transperancy sheet with a funny little quote..

Then flipping the page:
other side of transparency I add a photo of Sini with another funny quote. On the right side, I added a pull open folded photo mat (so to say) that I added a recipe for Peanut Butter Cookies.. it was a long recipe, so it took a lot of space.. I tied it with a black ribbon to help keep it closed when not in use :)
flipping the page, I found a great picture of my daughter, Sini and their friend Piitu.. In the tag pockets are tags that have the ingredients list for a delicious Triple Chocolate Torte.. On the right side, I have the directions on how to make it..

and the last page.. My daughter Amber and Sini on together on the left side with a cute little quote.. Added her photo onto the right side with yet another cute little quote..
well, thats it...The mini is all finished and heading over to its rightful owner.. Hopefully I can get it to her before xmas..
My daughter and Sini had met up for Coffee at a local mall a few days ago and Sini had suggested they needed to come over to my house for dinner so I can cook them something fattening...LOL
gotta love them both..with all of my heart!!
Thank you all so much looking and have a great and creative week..

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