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Thank you for checking out my blog. I started this blog to create a place where people are able to find inspiration and share ideas. I find myself surfing the web looking for inspiration that is unique and different. If I find an interesting tutorial I'll share it with you. I will include a "live" link back to the original blog, store or web site so that you may have the option to visit and learn more about the designer and other services, class or kits they may offer. By posting tutorials I am hoping to help inspire people that are interested in creating something fresh and new.

Terms of Use for my Personal Designs or Patterns.
When listing completed projects on eBay, blogs, etsy, facebook, personal websites, forums or online venues, or if using these patterns for a project submitted to magazines or other publications, it is required that credit be given to Corrine Paul in a reasonably visible way. Example; “Pattern used from Corrine Paul"

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bottle Rockets 12 x12 two Page Layout

Bottle Rockets

12 x 12 - two page layout

Page Design by Corrine Paul

Paper Piecing Patterns by KaDoodle Bug Designs

I used patterns from 3 different KaDoodle Bug Design Files
A Blasting 4th
Dad's American Kids
Little Firecrackers Title

Thank You

Friday, June 15, 2012

DAD Word Album

DAD Word Album
Album Design by Corrine Paul

DAD Word Pattern from
KaDoodle Bug Designs

I used 1 inch rings and tied on fabric, ribbons and fibers and attached
two tags for personal journaling.


PAGE ONE: Could be a photo mat or journaling box

PAGE TWO: Photo mat with room to journal

PAGE THREE: Two photo mats with room to journal


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Martha Stewart's Folded-Shirt "Father's Day" Card

Folded-Shirt Card

A shirt and tie are a traditional gift for Dad -- a card to match is something new. Use legal-size (8 1/2-by-14-inch) decorative paper.

1. Place paper facedown. Fold in half vertically; unfold. Line up left edge with centerline fold, and crease; repeat with right edge. Unfold, and lay flat.

2. Fold top-left corner in to line up with outermost crease, forming a triangle; repeat on top-right corner. Using index fingers and thumbs, pinch together outside points of each triangle so they meet, and crease.

3. While still pinching triangles, fold down top edge (this will make sleeves).

4. Turn paper upside down, and flip it over. Fold down top edge 3/4 inch.

5. Flip paper over. Fold top left and right corners so tips meet at center line.

6. Tuck bottom edge under collar, and flatten by creasing. For the tie, cut out an 8-by-1/2-inch strip of decorative paper. Knot paper. Snip close to knot on one side; trim other to a point. Glue to shirt.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My First Garden

My First Garden

Page Design by Corrine Paul

12 x 12 two page layout using KaDoodle Bug Designs-Digging For Worms

Thank You

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chef Owl Card

As soon as KaDoodle Bug reaches 1900 fans I will post this adorable Chef Owl Card!!

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