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Thank you for checking out my blog. I started this blog to create a place where people are able to find inspiration and share ideas. I find myself surfing the web looking for inspiration that is unique and different. If I find an interesting tutorial I'll share it with you. I will include a "live" link back to the original blog, store or web site so that you may have the option to visit and learn more about the designer and other services, class or kits they may offer. By posting tutorials I am hoping to help inspire people that are interested in creating something fresh and new.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tear Bear Tutorial

Hello Everyone, I wanted to share this tutorial with you. If you want to know more about the designer and other services, page kits or classes they may offer please visit their blog, store or web site. Enjoy!

The pattern is first, just print if off on cardstock (it is easier to trace around) and cut out the pieces. Cut the B & T pieces out on the line but leave a 1/4" margin around the mulberry pieces. Next, wet the pieces with a water brush or paint brush and water. Using your piercing tool, tear away the wet paper around your pattern line. When you have finished tearing a piece, pull the fibers out straight and set aside to dry. When the pieces are dry, they are ready to be "fluffed". I use a wire brush to scrub the paper lightly. You can find these in the paint department of Walmart for about $2.00. Fluff all of the pieces and then go around the edges with chalk to add dimension. Now your pieces are ready to assemble. For the nose, I use a heart punch and the eyes are printed tear bear eyes that I put through my xyron machine. I purchased the paper and eye printables at Glue your B & T pieces on and use a fine marker to add faux stitches. Finally, glue all of your pieces in place. Finished!

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